Marine Critters of the Pacific Westcoast

A Calendar for 2015

It’s been two years since my 2013 calendar Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest. Since then I have done a lot of diving and photographing, and I collected more than enough pictures to fill this new calendar. Unlike the last one though, this calendar showcases all sorts of critters we can find in the coastal waters of the American Westcoast, from Southern California to Alaska.

The pictures in this calendar are a diverse mix of fish and invertebrates, some smaller than a few millimeters and some the size of your palm. I’ve tried to portrait the subjects in the context of their respective habitats, and to make the pictures as engaging and interesting as I’ve experienced them during my dives.

This calendar wouldn’t have come to life without the people and charters I’m out and about with: Anacortes Diving and the Lu-Jac’s Quest, Marc Chamberlain and Berni Landau, and Richard Salas. I’m also thankful to Andy Lamb, Neil McDaniel, and Karin Fletcher for telling me what I’m actually looking at.

Click here to order your copy of this most schnufte calendar from Lulu. I will donate parts of the sales proceeds to Sea Shepherd.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures in this calendar as much as I’ve enjoyed diving and photographing. Thank you for your support!