Beautiful Marine Life

A calendar of underwater photographs by for the year 2016 by Jens Tröger

Another year of diving the American Westcoast—from California to British Columbia—has passed. And so it is time for a new calendar!

Again, this calendar shows my favorite photographs, from the tiny polyps living on Red Gorgonians and curious Fringeheads to larger fish like California’s Garibaldi. I’ve tried to portrait this beautiful marine life in the context of their respective habitats, and to make the pictures as engaging and interesting as I’ve experienced them during my dives.

This calendar wouldn’t have come to life without the people and charters I’m out and about with: Anacortes Diving and the Lu-Jac’s Quest, Tom Heinecke and Berni Landau, and Richard Salas. I’m also thankful to Andy Lamb for telling me what I’m actually looking at.

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Images are © by Jens Tröger. All rights reserved.